I started working with 3D back when it was 1st invented.

Chrysler always had the latest to support the Design Office and Advanced Vehicle Engineering.

In 2020 I purchased my own.

Running good parts in 3d is not as easy as they make it out; it takes practice, patience, and experience to get useful items out of any machine.

One of the things that I especially like is combining Laser with 3D. The laser is very good for making 2D parts which are a waste of time in the 3D printer, conversely, making 3D parts with the Laser is limited.

When ever possible I use each machine for what it does best and so combining parts from each is often the most efficient. 

Combining 3D with Laser cutting

For the Drill Index I had to design the holes in the top panel to be very short slots. 

iPhone Holder

I started with the idea of just a speaker enhancement but immediately recognized the need for the charger to be part of the design. 

I found a right-angle cord and designed the whole system around it. 

There is a small horn pathway for the sound. The iPhone is peculiar in that the lower speaker is on the right side only and the mic is next to it. 

This works out because the cord blocks the left side. 

I use dowl pins instead of printing the pins I print only the holes with the intension of drilling them out later. (experience)

Car iPhone holder

For the car I made this series of experiments that led to a final working design for my car

I got the angle correct and that is fixed at 20 deg. but it rotates with a bit of friction to any angle for either driver or passenger. 

One unforeseen problem was the heat shrinkage that occurred after the first warm day, I had to remake the upper with more clearance compensate for future shrinkage.  

Post bed Magnifying glass

To make things easier I added this magnifying glass to the post bed 

It needed to be very adjustable because I couldn't predict where the best position might be and moving out of the way might be necessary.

Circle - Square test

As for any machine and material a test should be done to see if it is making what you think it is making. 

the circle - square test allows me to see if the dimensions are the same in all 3 axis

Folding hammer mold

The folding hammer was shell cast of Bronze

Ultimately, I used thin wall 3D printed samples of each hammer instead of the wax casting that the mold was created for 

Carousel for thread gauges

Tool caddy for drill press

There are a few items that are needed almost every time you drill in any metals

This is actually the second generation 

It holds the classic 3 in 1 oil can, a small set of calipers, center drills, and deburring bits

It clamps onto the drill press post with screws from behind. 

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