The NextEngine Scanner has been perfect for our needs at CCS

I created simple holding fixtures dedicated to scanning the last. You should get it with the turntable... this makes for good scans that might happen in a timely manner. With the turntable it takes about an hour from start to finish if all goes well. The machine takes practice, the software is simple but is entirely its own thing, so you have to learn what it wants to operate it well. 

The problem with scanning lasts is that without a truly sophisticated (expensive and possibly custom built) scanner you cannot get a good scan easily.

I created two fixtures; one that holds the last as close to horizontal as possible, and one that holds it vertically.

To get a good scan that can be used in Shoemaster or in any CAD system it has to be set up for the best possible results.

Scanning is not a point and shoot sort of activity, it in fact requires proper preparation to achieve anything that will be useful.

There is a fair amount of post processing to the scans because they are messy, full of holes and have captured parts of the fixture. All this must be taken care of. 

Since there are two separate scans Horizontal & Vertical. Each of these are made up of 6 separate scans that are automatically assembled.

The two still have to be combined manually into one final.

That being said with care and attention to detail I have made this a reliable part of the process.

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