I am new at Jevero however, as a RHINO plug-in it is a familiar playing field. 

I believe that it is perfect for the educational environment because there seems to be no single patterning software that dominates this market. 

My belief is that patterning experience makes a more thoughtful Designer.

Completed 5 days with Mr. Trentin at Jevero and have been actively using it to gain expertise.

Jevero has lots of cool features not the least of which is the support. 

Scan import comes in at full scale so you can get right to work. 

there are two types of curves; curves that scale and offset curves that remain constant. 

Going back and forth between Rhino and Jevero is easy but takes concentration as you have to predict what a curve is going to do for you. 

At CCS we have been trying to get to a slip-lasted sneaker for many years and this was the perfect opportunity to make it happen.

So, this is the first teaching experience I have had with it.

It was a great success, the fitting to all the lasts was right-on.

Now many improvements are to come. 

Grading is like ShoeMaster so I was a little prepared, but it has more options to tune the numbers in. 

Using a full 3/8ths seam allowance at the feather edge we could stitch on either the flatbed or the high post.

Then trim off the excess. 

Each student got their own size; I graded the size 37 up and down to match the last set that we have.

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