Self-Directed Footwear Training

Since 2006 I have been studying Shoemaking.

In 2009 I attended my 1st of many Workshops, Conventions, and Symposiums having to do with Footwear and other handicrafts.

2023 - Schola Womens shoemaking, Florence Italy (seven day)

2022 - Schola Handbag making, Florence Italy (ten weeks)

2022 - LINEAPELLE, Simac, Milano Italy (two days)

2022 - Craft the Leather Workshop, Florence Italy (four days)

2022 - Last Society Symposium, Detroit Mi. (two days)

2021 - Schola Hat making plus multiple tours throughout the city of Florence Italy (five days)

2019 - The Honorable Cordwainers Symposium, Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia

2018 - The Honorable Cordwainers Symposium, Lancaster, PA

2018 - Craft the Leather Workshop, Florence Italy (four day)

2017 - The Honorable Cordwainers Symposium, Doylestown, PA

2016 - The Honorable Cordwainers Symposium, Rhode Island - RISD (three day)

2016 - Jim Chambers Lancaster Flintlock making workshop, Concord, Virginia

2015 - Footwear Symposium, Ashland Oregon (three days)

2014 - Carréducker Pattern Making, NYC (one week)

2013 - Lisa Sorrell, Western bootmaking, Guthrie, Oklahoma (one week)

2011 - Carréducker Bespoke Shoemaking, NYC (twoweeks)

2010 - Llorraine Neithardt Shoe-fine-art, NYC, (oneweek)

2009 - Sissy Puccio, Cert. Podiatrist, Cleveland Ohio (oneweek)

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