I wear my own sandals every day.

I have walked 100's of miles in Europe in them (field testing)

Every year I make two or three new pair.

I the last two years I have adopted the Birkenstock foot-bed to my needs, it is great for comfort.

I modify the Berkenstock (known as the Carberkenstock) to make a less severe toe shape, lower the sides, and make it narrower without affecting the value of the orthotic forms. 

2023 Sandal

This year another new pattern for the same design. 

Each year since about 2017 I have been working on a new version of the same design, the "Carbirkenstock" I have patterned it by hand, with Shoemaster, and now with Jevero. 

Far different from lasting over a thin insole; when using the Birkenstock, it has to be attached to the custom last made to fit on top of the footbed. 

I have also modified the toe shape; I don't care for the odd sharp corner on the lateral side of the Birk. 

I am already thinking about the changes for next year.

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