I have extensive background in small scale milling and lathe work.

I have both hand operated and CNC controlled Milling and Lathe machines

See my older blog record of the many things I have made in my machine studio.


Milling machine Improvements

Gauge holder - Milled

Hand-Plane Handle

This old hand plane needed an all new handle during restoration.

It required a two sided milling, meaning that after machining one side you have to manually flip the work piece over and align it exactly, leaving a small web of material to be removed by hand afterward.

Die Filer

Utilizing a spare Sherline motor and controller I designed this mini Die Filer.

It takes the rotary motion from the motor and translates that into up-down motion for precise part filing.

Wind Mill Experiments

For probably 20 years each year during the winter I would design and make (repair or improve) a wind mill to put out into the lake Up-North

Mostly to watch but over the years I could never stop trying to generate electricity or at least try.

I succeed minimally and proved at least one thing... you need a big windmill!


I started at 2' diameter, then 3', then 4', and ended at 5'

I figured out my own method of making blades which are one of the most difficult problems.

I designed the system to get the electricity down the pole with rotating connections.

I designed and created my own circuit boards

Designed and made the tower big and strong enough to withstand the winds that come in from the Big Lake.

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