CCS Fashion Accessories Design - Adjunct

Beginning in 2016 at the beginning of the 3rd year of the all-new FAD program at CCS.

I was there during the major growth period for the program and was instrumental in setting up the entire studio.

I have been privileged to teach in what is possibly the best equipped Fashion Accessories studio in the world. 

We use Canvas for LMS. 

I teach Studio courses using PowerPoint as an organizational tool that allows the students to move at their own pace.

My authored PowerPoint titles:

2019 CCS FAD Styling - Organization and Detail

2020 CCS FAD 102 Prod Design Process

2020 CCS FAD Leather

2020 CCS FAD Measurement - Divider - Compass

2020 CCS FAD Sections

2020 CCS FAD Sewing Machine - Bobbin Threading

2020 CCS FAD Sewing Machine - Top Threading

2020 CCS FAD Sharpening & Skiving

2021 CCS FAD Tote Bag _ Making

2021 CCS FAD Shoe Zippers

2021 CCS FAD Advanced Stchng Exersize

102 Sketch Exercise 020921

2019 CCS FAD Leather Seams Book

1 Derby - Pattern Making

CCS FAD Sneaker Des

CCS FAD Sneaker - Pattern Drafting 2020

CCS FAD Sneaker 1 - Foot Measurement - Clicking & Closing 2019

CCS FAD Sneaker 2 - Pattern Drafting 2018

CCS FAD Sneaker 3 - Clicking & Closing 2018

2019 CCS FAD Pump - Design

2022 CCS FAD Pump - Clicking - Closing

2021 FAD 403 Design Theory

FAD 102 Tools 2023

Last Surfacing for Cup Sole 2018

Rhino out to DXF 011422

Rhino Save As DXF 012722

VDI VMWare Procedure

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